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If it has an engine in it we’re interested in it. We can make your project a reality from the ground up, or just upgrade your tuner. If you frequent show’s with your custom street rod or just want to install some performance parts then you are in the right place!

All Wheel Drive Dyno

Vermonts most capable Dyno, the Mustang AWD-1100-SE allows for more than just power measurement. The Eddy Current Brake allows for road, drag strip and circle track simulation, and is ideal for tuning boosted vehicles. With the in-ground and All Wheel Drive options, we can test almost all cars, trucks and motorcycles up to 3000 hp and 150 mph.

  • 1/4 Mile Track
  • 1/8 Mile Track
  • Circle Track
  • Constant RPM Loading
  • Constant Speed Loading
  • Street Drive

Service Rates

1 Pull $100
3 Pulls $150
Vehicle Tuning
$125 / HR
Performance Shop
$80 / HR

Classic or Modern

No car is too old for us. Specializing in unique engine combos we make cars that turns heads. We love celebrating automotive history, and have a deep respect for those who laid the framework that our modern day super cars run on. Come to us with anything from a restoration to a performance upgrade, street rod to tuner, motorcycle to diesel truck we’ll make it happen.


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Parts & Fabrication

We carry an extensive stock of performance parts from our partners. Our partnerships help us sell you the parts you need to go fast for less money. And if we’re not able to acquire what we need then we can fabricate performance components in house.

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