Who We Are


We are the most capable performance automotive partner in Vermont. Our goal is to explore unique ways in which we can configure a vehicle around an engine. Old cars come into our shop and they leave with the ability to push the physical limits of the combustion engine to new heights.

It’s more than a name

We are mechanics, machinists, creatives, and engineers pushing the limits of the combustion engine. We are The Gear Heads and we believe that no one can be described by just one title. We believe that all mechanical things are related. This belief is what allows us to accelerate in so many genres of performance.

We have experience with a variety of vehicles, and the knowledge to make your dreams a reality. Our capable shop will cater to your all of your performance automotive needs. We want our customers to go fast in vehicles that began as dreams. We are the Gear Heads and we deliver steel dreams.




Our Services

If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle; are in the market for acquiring a vehicle; or just have something to say, drop us a line! Our customers are the cornerstone to our success and we want to here from you. Click below to write to us, or click our phone number at the bottom of this page to

Our Projects