If you’re getting race ready, or just pulling the cruiser out of storage, we can make sure your vehicle is ready to drive.


We can upgrade existing pieces, or add new ones to your engine, drive train, suspension or elsewhere.


Vehicle maintenance is key to performance and can be a challenge when your car doesn’t have an owners manual. Our team can help you keep your vehicle prepared for the race track or the show room. We can investigate a vibration, a smell, or find out why you might be burning extra fuel or oil. 


Come to us for your performance motorsport upgrades. We can upgrade existing parts or install new ones. Often times making new pieces fit into the existing vehicle presents many challenges, whether they are related to space or interfacing. Too often we see these problems solved in ways that result in either lost performance capabilities, or the vehicle needing followup service very often. Rush jobs might save money initially, but end up costing your more in the long run. We will do it the right way, and we will always stand behind our work.


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