We can hone, resurface, and retrue engine components to ensure a perfect fit. 


Our vapor blasting machine can remove almost half a century build up from many parts of your engine.


Our dedicated assembly room is a clean space next to our machine shop.

Our in house engine machining capabilities allow us to push the boundaries of the combustion engine. Not only can we assemble standard builds, we can also customize parts to work together. All engine components have their strengths and weaknesses, and our ability to make anything work allows us to leverage strengths from different manufactures that bring out performance capabilities that leave other rides in the dust.

Assembly Done Right

Having a dedicated machine shop and engine assembly room means that all of the engine components are prepared meticulously before assembly. Everything is inspected ensuring true fitting pieces. Valve faces, guides, and seats are trued and centered; connectig rods are honed, and fitted for measured oil clearance; crank shaft and rods are balanced. 

We can cater to whatever your engine specifications might be. If you are looking for a standard build, or a unique custom configuration we can cater to your needs. We will take the time to produce a powerplant that will outperform it’s competition, and last you a long time. 


True Fitting Parts

Your engine needs the highest quality components, and those components need to be fitted perfectly. Valves, valve seats, valve guides, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, connecting rods, and more can all be fit before installation. We have all of the tools necesarry in order to make sure your parts are properly honed, balanced, and surfaced. True fitting parts will contribute to your vehicles competitive edge and can help you get that winning advantage. They can also help your engine last longer, meaning that your summer ride will be more reliable so you can cruise whenever you want!

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The Knowledge & Tools

We have an exceptionally outfitted shop, but without Chad Gordon that doesn’t matter. Chad’s background almost exclusively lies in building high performance racing engines. From drag, to circuit to marine, his engines win races. His experience with big & small block Chevy and LS based engines combined with having all of the tools he could ever need means that your custom engine is in good hands.