We can help you put down more horsepower, more torque, or burn fuel more efficiently. Whether you’re prepareing for a season of racing, or just trying to tune your ride we can help.



Interested in knowing how much power is going to your crankshaft? Our engine dyno isolates your vehicles engine, and does just that.



The Eddy Current Brake allows for road, drag strip and circle track simulation, and is ideal for tuning boosted vehicles. With the in ground and All Wheel Drive options, we can test almost all cars, trucks and motorcycles up to 3000 hp and 150 mph.

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Isolating the engine from the rest of the vehicle gives a unique look into it’s output. With our engine dyno we can measure the output directly where the driveshaft attaches.

More Than A Machine

A dynamometer is only as good as the guy running it. There are so many metrics, goals, and data points that all require a degree in high performance automotive technology, and racing strategy. Not only does Mike Batchelder hold that degree, he was born with a dynamometer in hand.
Mike knows how to find the balance between performance and driveability and can deliver your ride the best of both. He also knows where that point should be in order to put you over the finish line before everyone else. Mike’s performance automotive experience began on day one and you’ve likely seen the dust of that experience passing you on the track.


Why Dyno Test An Engine

There’s more to be gained from a dyno tune than just how much horsepower you’re driving around with. With computerized dynamometers we can measure an array of variables that all tell a different story about how your engine is operating to or against your advantage. The most broadly applicaple reason to dyno tune your vehicle is to maintain your engine, but it can also be used to break in your engine, and to maintain a written record of your engines performance over time. One of the best applications for a dyno tune is to dial in your carburetor by measuring the temperature of your exhaust. In fact your vehicles exhaust temperature might be more important than the horspower it puts down. Tuning your carburetor can save you major maintenance costs down the road meaning that you get to enjoy your vehicle, or race at a reduced cost.

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