If we can’t buy it, we can make it. Our CNC Plasma Cutter and TIG welding abilities allow us to create anything we need from scratch. The ability to make custom pieces for any project allows us to deliver you a vehicle that can be loaded with unique custom fit pieces.

Custom Made, Just For You

It happens often where we run into a scenario where the parts just don’t fit. Having all of the tools to create any parts that we need in house means that the parts not fitting is not going to hold us back. So whether your project needs a roll cage, exhaust, chassis components, frame brackets or more we can oblige.

Work Metal! Get custom with us

Old Parts, But You’d Never Know

Our Vapor Honing Technologies vapor blaster will have your classic engine looking brand new. Using water, and abrasive media we can refurbish an array of components including intake manifolds, cylinder blocks aluminum and cast iron. 

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