Big Block Fords

Getting Back To The Roots

There are a lot of dyno videos out there these days, but never quite exactly the one I want to see. Add the word “Ford” into the search and there are even less. That’s why I decided to do this video series. SBE’s or “stock bottom ends” are the hot trend in the LS world, but it seems forgotten that this was a trend on dragstrips decades ago when the aftermarket didn’t offer what it does now, and people raced with what the OEM had to offer. 

The 385 series Big Block Ford is certainly not the most rare and hard to find engine, especially the 460 variant. So when a friend of mine started asking me about building one I figured there would be a decent amount of info and media coverage on the subject. This wasn’t exactly the case. Being more of an old school fellow the conversation started with cam and piston choice for good old-fashioned horsepower, yet on a tight budget. Well anyone who is in tune with the current state of the art knows there is a great way to get power on a budget. Turbocharging. Specifically imported or used turbochargers.

What I intend to do is take a completely stock 460, dyno it in that form to get a control test.  I am leaning towards Holley EFI for ease of fuel management. Then I will add a turbo, and only a turbo and see what happens. Perhaps a turbo of oriental descent or one of the tractor trailer variety.  If I can keep my hand light on the trigger, we could try a cam and some pistons to see what the crank and rods have in them. After that we may just have to go until failure.

Ultimately, I intend to build a 460 stroker. Using the knowledge gained in the first tests along with quality components I should end up with a high-performance big block ford that I just can’t seem to find on the internet. Join me and the boys from Green Mountain Gear Heads on this fun journey to Big Block Ford horsepower!