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Dial your ride with our Mustang AWD-100.

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We are mechanics, machinists, creatives, and engineers pushing the limits of the combustion engine.

Custom Components For Your Ford Godzilla Engine

Godzilla IGN1-A Coil Adapter (x8)

$200.00 + Free Shipping

Godzilla IGN1-A coil adapter for stock valve covers.

7.3" Godzilla Solid Cam Bolts

$45.00 + Free Shipping

Solid cam bolt to replace OEM Ford cam bolt/vavle. Designed for higher strength and to eliminate oil flow to the cam phaser.

Street Engines, Race Engines, & Marine Engines

Power your project with a custom built engine. We work with you to option, a select components that work for your budget and help you get the driving experience that your looking for. Contact us to for information on current components from our network, and available used components.

Power Your Project

We offer crate engines based on available parts and interest. When you get a Green Mountain Gear-Heads engine, Crate or Custom we work with you to tailor the build to your project needs.


Machine Shop Services

We help you restore, customize, clean, and tune your engine. You can view all of our machine shop services in our catalog.

Machine Shop Services

There's Not Much We Can't Do For Your Engine

Engine services for all domestic and foreign engines and engine types. Before you call us be sure to check our services to see if we offer what you need. Or hit the button below to see our full searchable catalog.


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Meet The Gear-Heads

Josh Munson

Founder, Builder

Josh has been around heavy machinery since birth. He’s always had a knack for engineering, and steered towards high performance vintage hot rodding. It’s his mission to bring you the best high performance service whether it’s dyno tuning, engine or chassis building, or fabricating. 


Chad Gordon

Engine Assembler, Fabricator

Chad’s experience with winning high performance engines started from the very beginning. He was raised in a shop, and has experience building engines of all types. His knowledge of engine components, quality craftsmanship, and custom metalworking allows him to provide quality service that is hard to come by.


R.J. Donley

Mechanic, Builder

R.J has been under the hood of hot rods and on the ground of car shows around New England. Another day one gear-head He’s been a builder of street rods and classics since the age of 5, and this inspired his passion for high performance engines. R.J brings a high level of craftsmanship to your ride and treats yours as if it’s his own.


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The “Cheap LS” Myth

If you own a classic car and need help with it, look no further. We are your partner in performance for maintenance, tuning, fabrication and all decision making surrounding your classic ride.
The answer to your question is "Yup, we build engines." We'll clean, machine, and tune yours today!