Get your ride dialed in on our chassis dyno, or maximize power on our engine dyno. We will give your auto, diesel or v-twin the extra power it needs.



We get this question a lot. The answer is: Yup, we build engines. Our purpose built assembly space and metal shop allows us to create unique top of the line power plants.



We offer a variety of metal working services. We can machine components for true fitting, or make custom parts opening up a whole new level of innovation.



Drag Racing, Dirt Modified, Track Racing, Show Cars & More

Race oriented engine dyno tuning, chassis dyno tuning, maintenance and modification that gets you the results you want.

We possess the knowledge and tools to help you improve the power and performance of your racing vehicle. We closely inspect your vehicle and take the time to get to know it, and what you’re goals are. If your goal is to make, or keep the podium, then give us a call!


American V8, Vintage, Barn Finds, Hot Rods.

As a performance parts retailer we are prepared to outfit your classic vehicle. From square body trucks, to roadsters, we’ve got you covered. We use brands like Holley EFI, MSD Ignition, & Edelbrock to bring you the performance you need. 

We pride ourselves on a job well done. A swift turn around is important, but many shop will offer that swift turn around at the expense of doing the job right. We see evidence of this in many of the vehicles that come through the shop. If you want a job well done, then you’re in the right place.

We Are

Your Partner In Performance

We are mechanics, machinists, creatives, and engineers pushing the limits of the combustion engine. We are The Gear Heads and we believe that no one can be described by just one title.

It’s our belief that all mechanical things are related. This belief is what allows us to accelerate in so many genres of performance. 


Dyno Tuning

Vermonts Most Capable Dyno Facility

Our dyno cell is purpose built for the tuning of high performance vehicles. From the powerful in ground MUSTANG AWD-1100-S, to the heads up display projecting your vehicles output data on a massive screen, to the high powered air filtration system that accommodates ethanol burning track cars. We’ve created a system that serves accurate data, a system that settles debates, and a system that tunes winning vehicles.

Chassis Dyno

Scenario based driving creates real world conditions bringing a new level of accuracy to your tune. There are a lot of variables to measure, and we know what to look for and how to get you the most accurate results to plan your displacement/power strategy.

Engine Dyno

We take performance tuning to the next level with our engine tuning services. Isolating the power plant from the suspension makes room for an additional level of insight. Getting highly accurate data directly from the source.

Let’s Get Your Ride Dialed! 

Full Service Machine Shop

Custom Engine Building, Refurbishing, and Servicing

High Performance Engine Masters Specialized in LS Based GM, Coyote and more!

If you need engine work then you’ve come to the right place. Our shop is stocked with all of the tools necessary to fuse your classic engine with all of the modern high performance components.

Restoring Classic Engines

If you’ve got a vintage piece of american performance automotive history we can help you return it to its prime! Our vapor blasting and hot tanking services will remove decades of grime build up without damaging the integrity of your components; making your engine look and perform like it did when it was new.

Honing, Balancing, Replacing

We provide insight and guidance to anyone looking to upgrade, or service their engine. Come to us If you need help choosing and installing new components. We have a deep knowledge of American V8’s and diesel engines, and the science behind them meaning that we are uniquely qualified to service just about any engine! We also provide true fitting services to get your block, cylinder or rods running in true high performance fashion.

Yup, We Build Engines.

High Performance Upgrades

Vintage Muscle Meets Modern Performance

Suspension, Engine, Exhaust, Transmission, Drive Line, Brakes, Fabrication

Vehicle Upgrades

We can help you get more performance out of your car or truck with sensible performance upgrades. As with all of our work we take the time to select the right parts, and instal them with care. So your car will always look as good as it runs. We can help you make decisions for upgrades to your vehicles suspension, engine, exhaust, transmission, drive line & brakes. If your performance ambitions are to win races, or cruise with the family then give us a call today!

Your Project Car

Do you have a new to you craigslist find, or a classic car that you just inherited, or an empty body that needs all of the right parts? Our team is very well versed in custom performance builds, specifically LS Based GM and Ford Coyote based builds, and know how to build cars that win races. We can advise you on how best to go about your custom build, and can assemble you a car that is showroom ready!

Upgrade Your Ride!

Media & Shop Talk

Your Partner In Performance

If you own a classic car and need help with it, look no further. We are your partner in performance for maintenance, tuning, fabrication and all decision making surrounding your classic ride.

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Yup, we build engines

The answer to your question is “Yup, we build engines.” We’ll clean, machine, and tune yours today!

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The Twin Turban’Burban

Get the back story on the 1966 Twin Turban’ Burban and what’s going on with it now!

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Vermonts Motorsports Super Shop

Come to us for all of your motorsports needs. We are a full service performance auto shop that can repair, upgrade and build project cars or race ready track cars. Our chassis dyno, and engine dyno are specially equipped to test your engine in real conditional scenarios. Our shop is fully stocked with tools, and talent to build the winning engine, or refurbish a classic. 

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We provide precision maintenance to the modern project car. Whether you are on the show circuit, or a hobbyist of any generation we can help you achieve your motorsport ambitions.



Josh Munson

Founder, Builder

Josh has been around heavy machinery since birth. He’s always had a knack for engineering, and steered towards high performance vintage hot rodding. It’s his mission to bring you the best high performance service whether it’s dyno tuning, engine or chassis building, or fabricating. 

Chad Gordon

Engine Assembler, Fabricator

Chad’s experience with winning high performance engines started from the very beginning. He was raised in a shop, and has experience building engines of all types. His knowledge of engine components, quality craftsmanship, and custom metalworking allows him to provide quality service that is hard to come by.